That Other Steve on Steroids

I’m a Mac fanboy, and it’s actually a Mac Fanboy Club membership requirement to do a little Microsoft bashing every now and again. So here’s a small video of That Other Steve (Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft), making a grand entrance at a past conference. I know this is old footage, so don’t flame me for it.


Apple’s and Microsoft’s rivalry isn’t that logical, as this next clip shows. Basically, they have been courting eachother for a long time now, and actually have a good working relationship.


There’s always been a lot of talk about Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, and his presentation style. He is calm, composed, getting thinner, and there’s always the black turtleneck sweater and the gone-out-of-fashion-a-decade-ago style jeans. Oh, and don’t forget the white sneakers, of course. You saw That Other Steve going off at a Microsoft conference, but this isn’t just a one time ‘oops, I think I put too much sugar in my coffee’ incident, as this next clip shows.

[youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

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