MobileMe design flaw

I’m an Apple Fanboy, a switcher and a believer, but now I’ve had a nasty encounter with a flaw in the MobileMe service that is there by design. I’ve just been told that the engineers are aware of the issue and are working to solve it.

Basically, it comes down to synching with the cloud. All I want to do is push the calendar data in the MobileMe calendar to my omputer at home. That’s simple, you might think. But, iCal has found some ‘inconsistant data’ and is refusing to recieve the data from the cloud.
So I set and reset everything, cleared my local calendars, everything. Nothing works. Apple’s Geniusses (no sarcasm intended here) tell me now that the only way to solve the problem is to send my corrupted data to the cloud, overwriting my good data, thereby resetting the connection, and then synch my bad data back to my computer, thereby restoring my connection.


So much for gathering your vital data in the cloud.

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