I’m a web standards and electronic government consultant from The Netherlands. I work for ICTU, the central Information Technology organization for the Dutch governement. HerkoCoomans.net has been esablished in 1996, and has been my sandbox for my main addiction: the world wide web. I’m passionate about web standards, semantic web, social networks, practical knowledge management, and of course my beautiful wife.

I am working on an open, worldwide web that empowers everyone to participate in social, economical and democratic processes, and be able to express ourselves therein.

The internet, and the world wide web especially, has in a short time grown into the veins that transport the blood of our information society. Every aspect of our lives is connected to the network. An open web enables everyone to connect with other people. And do business with companies anywhere on the planet. And to democratically influence (the organization of) the collective. In that traffic the exchange of information is essential. For that, we need robus, sustainable and intelligent standards. Thus, web standards enable change and progress.

I’ve also been the Secretary of the Board of the Child Support Ghana and Wa Yiri Children’s Home Ghana foundations. Both organzations support a number of medical, educational and development projects in Wa, capital of the Upper West Region in Ghana, West Africa. Both operations are run by my father, Eric Coomans.

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